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Guidelines to posting jobs on Jobsburn

Here are some simple guidelines for posting jobs on this site:


  1. When writing out your job spec please make use of the various HTML buttons that are at your disposal - simple ordered lists, bolding and spacing will make a job spec far easier to read.
  2. Once you have written your job spec please preview it to help you see and correct layout errors. If you are still unsure about how to correct an error please contact us.
  3. You do not need to repeat the target applicant email address in the text of the job spec, rather put it in the form provided.
  4. Do not flood the system with a large number of job postings all at once. Keep your job postings to a maximum of FIVE new jobs per day.
  5. Once you have posted the job and it is live, please share the posting via the share buttons provided on the job postings.
  6. If you require any further help please contact us.
Happy posting!